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Welcome to our Online Courses & Challenges

Here you'll find a variety of offerings to support your yoga and mindfulness practice, both in a group setting and at your own pace. Including our MINDFUL MAGIC Mini Course, that is always FREE


Our time-sensitive group challenges provide a unique opportunity to connect with a supportive community, deepen your practice, and work towards a specific goal together. Watch for our Challenge offerings several times a year (or join our mailing list to stay updated).


For those looking for a more self-guided experience, we offer a range of courses and challenges that can be completed at your own pace. 


All of our courses and challenges are available for a one-time fee, allowing you to access the content indefinitely. And if you're looking for ongoing support and access to all of our offerings, consider joining our Virtual Plus Membership, which includes all courses and challenges, as well as access to our online community and live classes.

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