Owner/Yoga Instructor

Open Hearts was created with a vision of Love. An intention to offer a safe place to empower others to embrace and love themselves. A community where we can gather, support one another, explore our potential, and be. Be who we truly are, deep down, once we strip away all the noise.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation have been invaluable tools helping me navigate through my journey. Through joyful times, and heartbreaking times, and transitional times, and through times of dealing with depression and anxiety. Yoga has been a part of my life, and routine for over 20 years. I am a lifelong student, forever learning. And it is an absolute honour to walk this path with you.

I am a Mama to 3 amazing, and energetic boys (Brady, Ashton and Maddox), and a loving partner to Ryan.  I have a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, and practiced as a physiotherapist for many years before transitioning into my next phase of life as a stay-at-home parent. And once those little guys were off to school I joined my husband in our Real Estate business, Shields Group with Royal LePage Martin-Liberty. I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and am a Certified Life Coach. 

My training, life experiences, and intuitive nature combined are what have brought me here to Open Hearts. And I am here to love, grow and inspire. I am here to evolve, and to hold space, and to guide. As we work collectively towards our potential.



BodyTalk Practitioner

I was born and raised in small town Newfoundland, an experience that I cherish deeply. After University, I spent nine years in British Columbia where I worked as a teacher. Just over a year ago I made a move to the prairies with my husband, two children and dogs – I think we may just stay here. 


My journey with BodyTalk began in 2013; My dad had recently been diagnosed with cancer and my life felt like it had turned upside down. A few weeks later, I heard about BodyTalk and thought, what do I have to lose? After my first session I knew that this was what I had been searching for my entire life; I needed more, so I continued to have regular sessions. I took my first BodyTalk course in 2014 and became certified in April of 2018. BodyTalk has helped me (and continues to help me) work through the grief and loss of my dad. It’s helped me through moments of depression, specifically after having my children; Physically, BodyTalk has helped me resolve my IBS and Asthma; Daily, it helps me navigate my emotions, stress and relationships. I literally cannot imagine living my life without BodyTalk. 


More recently I have been diving into Conscious Living Investigation work, under my mentor and the founder of CLI, Kelley Burry. CLI has taken this journey of mine to an entirely new level; It has allowed me to get myself out of the pity party that I hadn’t even realized I was living in. It has opened up the door for me to live a more aware life and given me to the tools to break down belief systems that are no longer serving me. I want to incorporate this work into my practice and also teach my clients how to live with more awareness. 


My goal as a practitioner is to share these incredible gifts with whoever is ready and open to receiving them, so that they can begin, continue or enhance their self-healing journey. 



Yoga Instructor

Hey there fellow yogis ! My name is Holly Anderson, and I am so delighted for this opportunity to share with you the practice of Yoga. For many of us Yoga has changed our lives and I am no exception. Yoga came to me at a time when I was desperate for a path, to find myself and love myself. I have been teaching yoga now for over 3 years and it has shown me that strength , balance and mindfulness can be practiced both on your mat and off of it. There is a lot to learn about our own personal and unique journey and I believe Yoga is where it all starts! My classes will be offered for all levels with the opportunity to challenge yourself and try new poses. Sharing yoga is a true gift and I strive to have my students leave each class with a special glow , feeling refreshed and empowered. 

Join me!

Always Holly



Yoga Instructor

Jes is a free spirit who has travelled to 24 different countries over these past few years, before recently grounding here in Manitoba, her home land.

With a degree is psychology, she has always been interested in the human mind and how it works.

She has a passion for encouraging our youth to become confident in who they are, and to live a mindful life. She originally went to school to become a Middle Years teacher, but had a change of hear when she realized she could teach more to the children about life essentials - like how to handle emotions, how to process change, and learn what their purpose is- outside of a classroom that has a curriculum to follow.

She knew she wanted to become a yoga teacher when she saw the benefits it brought into her own life. She started her yoga yoga seven years ago while in University, but has grown deeper into her practice just these past three years. Yoga has been a major tool in helping her feel grounded, while constantly being on the go, and helped aid her healing after the passing of her mother.

She has a passion for helping others get aligned on their path, and encourages those around her to successfully live a happy and healthy life full of abundance. Her high vibrational energy is sure to make you feel uplifted in her presence, and her non-judgemental attitude makes everyone feel safe to fully express who they are.



Yoga Instructor

Like many people I started doing yoga for the physical benefits and to complement my gym routine. As the years have gone by I have gravitated to deeper practices that allow me to be present, focused, and take me to a meditative state. Dropping expectations of what yoga should look like and really feeling my way through poses in a loving way. To me yoga is all about unconditional love of your body, shedding ego, learning forgiveness and making real connections to yourself and to the world around you. I did my training in Goa, India this last winter, and have 10 years experience in massage therapy as well as training in acupuncture. I have a passion to keep learning, taking continued education classes frequently and opening my mind to all the wonderful things out there to help me along my journey, and to help others around me on theirs. I love to travel in my spare time to see the beauty in other countries, explore new cultures, meet new souls and eat all the delicious foods of course! Here at home I spend a lot of time outside hiking, backcountry camping and enjoying time around a fire. Lastly I love live music, so catching a show and seeing all the amazing Manitoban artists do what they do best is a perfect way to spend my time :)



Yoga Instructor

Sarah Anne Gusdal grew up in Rural MB in a family of athletes. She was into everything from figure skating to basketball to soccer. Her passion for sports drew her to the field of sports focused massage therapy, beginning her career with Sport Manitoba, working with young athletes. After getting married her and her husband moved to Victoria BC, where she spent her spare time surfing, doing yoga, and hiking the many beautiful trails on Vancouver Island. Currently Sarah Anne is a co-manager, along-side her husband, for the non-profit Wannakumbac, a summer camp and conference centre in Clear Lake where she currently resides. She also owns her own business, Candid Wellness, that focuses on massage and movement as tools to overcome physical, emotional and mental pain. When she's not busy running Wannakumbac or Candid Wellness, and teaching yoga, she enjoys travel and tries to fit in as many adventures as possible.


Bethany Leslie

Yoga Instructor

Lovely to meet you all! My name is Bethany and I am a herbalist student who loves to play with paint, research psychology and spirituality, and hang out with the lights of my life - my two cats.

Yoga came to me in my high school years while exploring different methods of meditation and forms of spirituality. This interest eventually brought me to Nelson, BC to take my 200 hr Hatha Yoga teacher training. At the time, my intention was to do the training for my own health, but while I was there the urge to teach grew and grew...and now here I am! Yoga's ability to simultaneously ground and elevate me is of such value in my life. It has allowed me deeper access to healing and growth, and has been a precious gift. I am so grateful to be able to share with our community in this beautiful studio.

It is my hope to provide a space for you to retreat back to yourself and find an unwavering sense of home within. My Yin classes, woven with meditation, poetry and beautiful music, encourage slow, intuitive movement for all levels of strength and flexibility. Let's unwind together.



Yoga Instructor

When I began practicing yoga I had no idea the journey it would take me on.

Yoga has grown with me and within me as I've experienced life - from the challenges of University, a career as a Registered Nurse, the roles of wife and mother of two energetic daughters.

There have been times as an athlete I haven't always been comfortable in my own skin. Yoga has taught me to be here. To be in this skin that has felt strong, tried, stretched out, worthy.

There have been times where life has been busy or stressful, where I haven't connected regularly with my mat. Yoga has taught me that life ebbs and flows, and listening to my body and what it needs is enough.

There have been times I have been losing my shit! Raising strong willed girls is hard. Yoga has taught me to breathe, connect and take time for myself so that I can be present.

Yoga is and has taught me so many things. After many years as a student, I took my 200 hour teacher training last fall. I have experienced many forms of yoga over the years and through training. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is my favourite to share, I love getting lost on the mat - breath connected to movement. 

I look forward to sharing yoga with each and every one of you as we continue to learn, grow and teach each other the essence of yoga!



Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Karyn's first exposure to yoga was when she saw her Mom practicing yoga as a child. She became interested in the fitness aspect and practiced on and off since her teens. She moved to Turkey with her military spouse in 2016, and this move prompted her to use meditation and yoga as a reprieve from the stress of living in a foreign country. This experience sparked an idea she could pass on these skills for resilience she had learned to the greater community; particularly soldiers and the people in their life under high stress. During her three years in Turkey, she practiced Ashtanga yoga regularly and also had the opportunity to travel to Greece several times for yoga retreats and practice.


She completed her Thai Massage training in 2018 in Izmir, Turkey. In February 2019, she completed