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12 Days of Yoga

Thank you so much for joining us for our 12 Days of Yoga. The purpose is for you to find a little extra time, space and connection this holiday season. And to experience yoga throughout the holiday season. Yoga is so much for than just our physical practice, it is the way we live, and the way we connect with ourselves and others.

You will have 16 days to journey through the 12 items. We know life is busy (especially this time of year), and we wanted to offer you the ability to make this work for you. We encourage choosing at least one item per day, but don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day. Simply give yourself some grace, and get back into the next day. Take some time to reflect at the end of the day about how you felt, and perhaps choosing to journal your thoughts.

We would love for you to share your experience, with us and others. Hoping we can spread this Holiday Cheer as wide as possible. If you are comfortable posting about your daily experiences on social media, please tag @openheartswellness and #12daysofyoga2018. If posting to social media isn’t for you, please email or DM us with your experiences and what they mean to you. Choosing to check in daily, every couple of days, or just once at the end of the 12 Days of Yoga.

We have a beautiful Self-Care goodies including; a B-mat Yoga Mat, private yoga session, a BodyTalk session with Kayla, Gift Card for goodies from Chez Angela, and some luxurious products from Charleston Harlow. So be sure to check in with us at the end of your experience to be entered for a chance for a Self-Care goodie.

Breathe; give your time at least 5 minutes to simply breathe. Notice how your breathe feels moving in and out of your body. And observe you feel before and after taking time to connect with your breath.

Quality Time with Loved One(s); Plan something special, or simply set aside some time to be fully present with those important to you. Give them your undivided attention, turn off your phone (or leave it at home), and just fully enjoy the time together.

Participate in a Yoga Class; Join us in the studio for some time to be present on your mat. If you are outside of Brandon/Westman, find a studio in your community to take part in a class.

Unplug; Give yourself the opportunity to unplug from technology for a day. Turn off your phone, or turn off the alerts that are not absolutely necessary. Take it a step further and unplug from your computer, and tv also.

Journal; Pick up a pen and just write. Write how you are feeling in that moment… Write how you would like to feel…. Write a list of things you are grateful for… Or even just look out your window and write what you see. If you would like some more journaling prompts or guidance getting started with a journaling practice send us a message. No judgement, just allow your thoughts to flow.

Get Outdoors; Set aside some time to be outdoors. Enjoy an outdoor winter activity like skiing, skating, or tobogganing. Go for a winter hike, or even a walk in town. Or spend some time mindfully shovelling your driveway.

Morning Ritual; We all have morning rituals/routines, but we are not always mindful about it. From the moment you wake up be mindful and present as you prepare for the day. Notice how the hot water feels in your morning shower. Choose clothing to wear that will make you feel ready to start your day. Slow down and fully enjoy your morning coffee or breakfast. And maybe use this day as an opportunity to introduce something new to your morning ritual.

Donate your Time (or Items); There are numerous organizations who are always looking for help, especially this time of year. Choose one that is close to your heart, or that you feel could benefit from your donation of time or items. Maybe take some time to clear out a closet and pass along items in good condition to those in need. Or offer to help and friend or family member that you know could use some assistance.

Self-Care; Set aside some time to do something that refuels you. Get real and honest with yourself, and enjoy some guilt-free self-care time.

Random Act of Kindness; Do something unexpected, filled with love and kindness for someone else. Resist the urge to share with others, as we often do, and just notice how it feels to do something without any expectation of something in return or validation. Spread love and kindness around the confetti.

Hydrate; Be mindful about your fluids in, and out today. Check in with your body in the morning for signs that you may need some extra hydration, and take a moment at the end of the day to notice how you feel.

Meditate; Meditation can be sitting in stillness/silence, but it can also be so many other things. Listen to a guided meditation through a meditation app or YouTube. Move mindfully through a yoga practice, focusing attention back to your breath/body anytime your mind wanders. Play an instrument. Knit without any distractions. Or feel free to reach out if you would like some guidance choosing a meditation practice that will feel good for you.

We send you love and kindness throughout your 12 Days of Yoga Experience. If there is anything we an do to help guide or enhance your experience please reach out.

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