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Aligned Intentions; with a smile

Updated: Feb 12

In the whirlwind of life, discovering our aligned intentions is a bit like finding your favourite yoga mat in a room full of identical ones. I've learned that adding a pinch of humour to our honest self-check-ins, tuning out external noise, and connecting with our internal frequency can make the journey all the more playful and fun.

Honesty Without Judgement, But with a Smile

Embarking on the road to aligned intentions requires an honest self-check-in, but let's not forget to throw in a dash of humour. Picture this: you, in a superhero cape, armed with self-compassion instead of judgment. Take a seat, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself: What in the world truly matters to me? Are my values more dependable than Wi-Fi? Let the answers flow without taking it all too seriously; after all, we're just here in a skin suit, on a giant rock floating through infinite space.

Tuning Out External Noise - Because Life's Playlist Needs a Shuffle

In the grand symphony of life, tuning out external noise is like finding the perfect song on a chaotic playlist. Social media, societal expectations, and the buzzing microwave in the background – they all need to take a backseat. Consider a digital detox or simply declare a 'quiet hour.' Who knew your cat's purring or the sound of rain could be the soundtrack to your alignment journey? Embrace the stillness of it all.

Connecting with Your Internal Frequency: A Cosmic Comedy Show

Our internal frequency might just be the cosmic stand-up comedy show we've been missing. Sit in stillness, focus on your breath, and imagine your internal self as the quirky, wise-cracking comedian who's been patiently waiting for the spotlight. Ask yourself: What brings me more joy than accidentally finding money in last winter's coat pocket? What ignites my passion, aside from binge-watching funny dog videos? How can you invite more joy and life into every moment of your life? When we approach this with a smile, and shed the heaviness you will likely surprise yourself with just how joyful you are deep down.

Aligned Intentions: Setting Goals with a Wink

Now, cultivating aligned intentions doesn't have to be as serious as balancing on one leg during a yoga pose. Create a list of your core values and passions, but feel free to add a fun twist. Set small, actionable goals that align with your values, and remember, life is a grand improv show – go with the flow and embrace the unexpected laughter.

In this journey of aligned intentions, let's not forget to laugh at the cosmic joke that is life. Be patient, celebrate the wins (big and small), and, most importantly, savour the journey over the destination. I encourage you to infuse a bit of humour into the mix – because when you can laugh at the twists and turns, the journey becomes a joyful dance of self-discovery.

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