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The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Oh man, where do I even start. Clearly I am passionate about yoga, and its endless benefits for all demographics. But, yoga for kids holds a special place in my heart. Definitely because I am a mom, but also because I wish I had been introduced to yoga as a child. This is my personal list of what I feel are the most important benefits of yoga for kids.

1. Yoga increases balance, strength and flexibility

The physical poses in yoga will help children increase flexibility, strength and balance. This one is kind of self explanatory, but such an amazing benefit of yoga.

2. Yoga teaches self awareness, and acceptance

Yoga takes us out of our minds, and into our bodies, and allows us the space to accept ourselves exactly as we are. We learn about how we are responsible for our selves, and our actions.

3. Yoga is a non-competitive way to explore ourselves

Our yoga classes are centred around, acceptance of ourselves and others. It is space for kids (and adults) to explore and learn about their own bodies. Namaste (the light in me sees and honours that same light inside of you) reminds us that we are all cherished beings.

4. Yoga teaches us to be present, and to slooooow down

We live in a fast paced world, that is so demanding and every changing. Our lives are filled with distractions, which begins at a very young age. Yoga teaches focus, and how to be present in the moment. The breath work we do in yoga, helps kids to learn techniques to ground and calm themselves.

5. Yoga supports holistic health (physical and mental)

All of the benefits of yoga tie together with a common theme, supporting our holistic health and well-being. These are tools I wished I have received as a child, so I will be darn sure my boys learn these tools through their childhood.

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