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What does Living Whole Heartedly mean for me??

It is loving ourselves unconditionally, and choosing to remain open to fully experiencing everything in life. To live whole heartedly is to consciously choose to wake up each and every day, and embrace whatever comes, with your heart wide open. It is the ability to mindfully recognize every experience as a gift, and opportunity (even though some gifts come in prettier packaging than others). It is trusting, and believing that our lives happen for us (not to us), and to be brave enough to soften around things that trigger us to feel rigid. Living whole heartedly is a practice, a commitment, a mindful choice. It is the ability to embrace who we are, and let go of who we think we are supposed to be. This requires us to get quiet so we can listen to the inner whisperings of our heart and soul. It is being real and honest with ourselves about what lights us up, what fuels us, and what depletes us. And it is the ability to say yes to filling our lives with the things that align with our purpose, and to give ourselves permission to step away or say no to the things that do not. It is continuously moving from a place of Love, not a place of fear. And it is grace for the moments we do not move from Love. Living whole heartedly is owing our story, sharing our story, and living our story.

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