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Life Balance (Is there such a thing....)

Work-Life balance, Work-Home balance, plain old Life balance seem to be a trending topic. Living in a culture that encourages hustle, it is no surprise the amount of burnout we see and how balance is shifting to the forefront of everyones mind. But the questions really remain, what exactly are we trying to achieve, and is this attainable? We tend to refer to “Balance” as a destination. Suggesting once we arrive there we will always be there. But is it? It is important to recognize that life is fluid, ever-changing. And maybe to acknowledge that “balance” is not something to achieve, but rather an ongoing practice of mindfulness and self-reflection.

Here are some suggestions of how to define what exactly balance means for you, and how to can create a plan to live more in alignment;

Perhaps it is time to give ourself permission to be exactly as you are. Thats right! Instead of focusing on what we want to do/be, or did not do, or what others think we should do/be, we just accept ourselves. Simply acknowledge that you are a human doing the best you can. This is a powerful way to help us figure out where we want to go.

Get real with yourself. What is recharging you, and what is draining you? Keeping in mind it is completely possibly for things in your life to do both. Remembering #1, and letting go of expectations, and being completely honest about what is bringing energy in, and what is taking energy out. Some things that are energy depleting in our lives, we cannot change. But there may be some of these things we can change. And chances are we could all use a little more time doing the things that help to refuel us, even if it is just committing to 30 minutes a day of something that is completely restorative.

As we scan through our list of energy draining things from #2, maybe it’s time to take a closer look and allow ourselves to step back from some things. It is important to remember that we can do anything, but we cannot do everything.

Give yourself the opportunity to rest, and to rest in whatever way will refuel you. We cannot pour from an empty cup, so it will benefit not only yourself but all those in your life if you take care of your self.

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